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half a page to 1 page each queestion
apa format
plagiasrism free
1.Choose a life event for a child up to starting school. For example, you might discuss potty training; speaking in sentences; crawling; or navigating the driveway on a tricycle. Explore the interplay between the domains – biosocial, psychosocial and cognitive – as one develops through childhood.
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Discuss a developmental issue and/or social issue for infants, babies, toddlers or preschool children in another cultural setting. What conditions might account for the variation from the United States in this culture?
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Go back through the chapters so far. Choose one topic that was of special interest to you and discuss how you might conduct a study to explore this topic. Be sure to identify your hypothesis, independent and dependent variables (inherent in the hypothesis) and the method you might use (interview, questionnaire, observation, case study, etc.) to collect the data.
you can pick nature vs nurture or  parenting styles (authoritarian,permissive, authoritative) for this question

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