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For this module you are to complete the following assignment:

• Respond to the APPLY question under the “Ask Yourself” in Chapter 7

Three year old Will understands that his tricycle isn’t alive and can’t feel or move on its own. Yet on a trip to the beach, as the sun dipped below the horizon, Will exclaimed: “The sun is tired. It’s going to sleep” What explains this apparent contradiction in Will’s reasoning

• Respond to the APPLY question under the “Ask Yourself” in Chapter 8

Chandra heard a news report about ten severely neglected children, living in squalor in an inner-city tenement. She wondered, “Why would parents mistreat their children?” How would you answer Chandra?

• Respond to the REFLECT question under the “Ask Yourself” in Chapter 8

How would you classify your parent’s child-rearing styles? What factors might have influenced their approach to parenting?

As always, for a complete answer, make sure to support what you say with references to specific concepts from our text, and cite correctly.

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