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•         Hogan’s (2005) article In Defense of Personality Measurement: New Wine for Old Whiners from the journal Human Performance.




Walter Mischel’s (1977) American Psychologist article On the Future of Personality Measurement,

Assignment 1




Having read the articles by Mischel (1977) and Hogan (2005), take a stand on the issue of whether personality is a valid predictor of job performance.




First, outline Walter Mischel’s points. Explain his arguments for caution in using personality measurement to make inferences. Next, explain what Hogan wrote in defense of personality measurement. Finally, take your own stand on the issue, explaining your opinion. Bring in some real-life examples as applicable, and use other sources as you see fit.








Use at least 3 sources (not including anything from your textbook or the Personality Reader). Remember, sources are not the same thing as resources.




Sources are academically credible journal articles or primary source books (not textbooks).




Resources are things like textbooks, Wikipedia, web pages, and magazine and newspaper articles.  In this class, expect to use academically credible sources and to lose points when you use resources instead of sources.




Make your submission at least 2 ½   to 3 pages total (not including title page or reference page), typed, double spaced and in 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a title page and reference page, both in APA format (as the entire submission should be).


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