1. The higher the item-reliability index,

2. Test item writers must keep many considerations in mind. Which of the following is NOT typically one of those considerations?

3. Human asexuality is generally defined as

4. Which statement is TRUE regarding test development and testtaker guessing?

5. In general, what can be said about an item analysis of a speeded test?

6. The development of a criterion-referenced test usually entails

7. In response to the need for an instrument to help identify individuals who have experienced a lifelong lack of sexual attraction, but who have never heard the term “asexual,” Yule et al. (2015) developed a test called the

8. Which is an example of the use of a completion format on a test?

9. An item bank is

10. Computer-adaptive testing has been found to

11. Scoring drift refers to

12. The reason latent-trait theory is so-named has to do with the presumption that

13. What is the value of the item-discrimination index for an item answered correctly by an equal number of students in the higher- and lower-scoring groups?

14. The Rokeach values measure involves presenting the subject with index cards, on each of which a single value is listed. Testtakers are asked to place the cards in order of their own concern about each of the values. This procedure BEST exemplifies

15. Which scaling method entails a process by which measures of item difficulty are obtained from samples of testtakers who vary in ability?

16. Item banks

17. Factor analysis can help the test developer

18. As described in the text, all of the following are elements of a matching item EXCEPT:

19. Asexuality

20. Estimates suggest that approximately ________% of the population might be asexual.

21. The think aloud test administration format

22. An item-discrimination index is used on an ability test

23. On a true/false inventory, a respondent selects true for an item that reads, “I summer in Tehran. The individual scoring the test would BEST interpret this response as indicative of the fact that this respondent

24. Item branching refers to

25. Jana takes a personality test administered by the “True Compatibility Dating Service.” According to the personalized, computerized personality profile that results, Jana learns that her need for exhibitionism is much greater than her need for stability. Since the test analyzes data only with regard to Jana, and no other client of the dating service, it may be assumed that the test was scored using


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