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This is preperation before the research paper. Its on Christian couples marriage.


In preparation for the Research Paper – Final Research Paper Submission, you will submit the Research Paper – Topic, Preliminary Research, and Rationale. This assignment will provide a description and explanation of your choice in topic, include a rationale, and include a minimum of 4 supporting sources that will be used in the Research Paper – Final Research Paper Submission. This assignment is not synonymous with an abstract. Be sure to carefully review the Research Paper Instructions before choosing your topic.

Review the following requirements before submitting this assignment:

·         Must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, adhering to current APA format.

·         Topic portion must provide a detailed description.

·         Rationale portion must include:

o   Explanation of your interest in the topic.

o   Explanation of the value of this topic in the field.

·         Minimum of 4 sources must be cited in the topic description and rationale.

·         Reference page must also be included, citing the preliminary research and formatted in current APA.


·         Assignment will be a minimum of 1 page for the body of the paper (Topic and Rationale) with a second page containing the reference list.

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